HortLee's Habitat Discontinued Designer Linens

Why are there no links to purchase items?

We sincerely apologize, but our store is currently closed for shopping. You're welcome to window shop while we're down and hope to be back up with you soon. Check our home page periodically for updates!

*We are unable to respond to any requests at this time.

During this time, we will be unavailable but invite you to contact us [through the contact link at the top of any page] if you are interested in purchasing an item. Simply let us know the item or items that you are interested in purchasing and we will put your request on file to notify you when the item(s) are available for purchase.

All items currently in stock are listed on our site and items are guaranteed to be available by request in the order received, as all stock is limited.

NOTE OF CAUTION: If you have placed items in a shopping cart prior to our store closing, many times these items will remain in your cart. If these items are purchased during the time we are closed, we may not be able to confirm, ship and/or refund your order until we re-open so please be aware of the delays involved.

Of course, you are always more than welcome to proceed with an order while we are closed to insure it's availability, but by purchasing during this time, you agree that you are aware of the delay in confirmation, shipping and/or refund of your order. We are unable to take responsibility for delays of any kind in orders placed during this time.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience! Please know we will communicate with you just as quickly as we can. Thank you for your understanding and patience.