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Important Notes:

Please keep in mind as you shop that we can only fill orders for the number of items as listed IN STOCK on our product pages. Our shopping cart will not notify you if you order above this limit so we ask that you please pay close attention to  our stock levels.  We do not use drop down boxes because we chose to describe each item to its fullest so you know exactly what to expect. If you have any questions, please never hesitate to let us know!


Look for patterns within our collection pages that link to coordinates that we have in stock. These will be marked in crimson.


Big Bottom Drawer:

Big Bottom DrawerBig Bottom Drawer

These items are not listed in on main store so be sure to check these out as what you need may be here.  Find this link at the top of every page!  Shop our Bottom Drawer where you'll find designer stock odds, irregular bedding (which we carry due to many requests) and collectibles for home, garden & self including first quality designer clothing and accessories not found in our main store.  coming soon!


Our Archives:

Our Archives

Have a pattern you have no idea what it is or what collection it went with?  Just send a request through our contact form and we will be in touch with additional information as to how we can help. A digital photo will be required so be prepared!



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We hope you enjoy your experience as you shop with us here at HortLee's Habitat, also know as The Linen Reserve, where you will find linens from collections that are no longer in circulation.  We specialize in discontinued designer linens and hope we have that one piece you just can't seem to find!



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About our Products:

Since we specialize in discontinued designer linens, we  only have available the items as listed on our site. Due to the nature of our business,  we are unable to special order or guarantee an item will come in, but we are always more than happy to keep your request on file for notification if we happen to have it in stock or it happens to come in.


Ralph Lauren Bedding:

We love working with the Ralph Lauren product line and try to keep up with this wonderful line of  bedding collections. Many of our customers have been referred to us directly from Polo/Ralph Lauren, and we're very pleased to have this relationship with them!


Customer Service:


"If American companies offered the care and service you offer,
we'd be the country every one would want to buy products from.
Your help is amazing."

( Ellen, New Jersey )


Customer Service & Satisfaction is our goal . . .
Since we do not have the luxury of meeting our customers in person, we at least would like to touch base through email and feel it is important as well for you to know us and feel comfortable with purchasing from us. We want you to be completely satisfied so we encourage you to ask as many questions as you would like for help with your comfort in working with us!  



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